A better way to protect your users

Sqreen helps you monitor and protect your users since day 1.

From brute force attacks to credentials stuffing through an unusual volume of signups, we help you detect early on when your users may have been compromised and the attackers.

We revamped our heuristics so it's much faster, more accurate and you can decide to block attackers, like with any Playbooks. On top of that, you can fine-tune the threshold to customise for your context.

If you've already enabled User Monitoring, you have nothing to do. Otherwise, you may consider enabling it now! It takes only a few lines of code using our User SDK.

Start monitoring your users now https://my.sqreen.io/application/goto/settings/global

Let's take a tour?

Sqreen is kind of a unique solution to app security.

There's now a lot going on, and discovering everything at once isn't always easy.

We've put together a nice getting started to help you discover the most important Sqreen benefits:

  • Evaluate your apps' exposure
  • Protect them against the most common threats
  • Protect your users
  • Protect your app's business logic

Whether you're new here (Welcome!) or already a seasoned Sqreen user, we strongly recommend you to take this tour to (re)discover our main features;

Get started

Protect your Java Business Logic

🎉Playbooks are now supported in Java: track custom events using Sqreen SDK and block or redirect attackers, without changing a single line of code.

Update your agent to version 1.1.0 and superior to get started!


A few months back we released the Playbooks, helping you not only protect your apps against the most common web threats (SQL injection, Cross-site scripting, etc) but also against suspicious activities.

Now, we're providing you with some 20+ built-in playbooks.

Also, you can create your own custom ones, securing custom scenarios tied to your own business logic.

Discover the Playbooks

Stay on top of your infrastructure updates

Are you struggling to keep up with the pace of releases of your application?

Deploying new applications and go fast to market shouldn't be held back by Security. Yet, at the end of the day you're striving to keep your whole infrastructure secure.

Using our brand new Flow Map, you'll be able to overview all your applications at a glance and understand immediately which ones require most of your attention.

Exploring the Risk, you'll then see deeply why and where each app is exposed.

The team is very excited to release those two features under beta before wrapping up the year.

We are looking forward to hearing back your feedback about it!

A brand new layout for the Dependencies

One of Sqreen oldest features was just given a makeover.

The view should be easier for you to browse and features a search bar. We basically applied everything we improved and learned on our Dashboard UX.

Review the status of your apps' dependencies

Discover anomalies from your apps' environment

Since the initial release of Playbooks, we've been focused on helping you monitor suspicious activities from your apps' traffic.

The environment in which your apps are running is also a potential vector of attack.

6 new Playbooks are now live from your account. Discover the runtimes are up-to-date, if the passwords used to connect to your database are strong enough and more.

Of course, they're built with privacy in mind and we'll never collect any sensitive information.

Get started

Get full control over the Sqreen's overhead

Sqreen App Hardening plugins are protecting your application from the most common vulnerabilities - like SQL injections, XSS, etc - in real-time.

Of course, performing extra actions during your app's requests means Sqreen may introduce some few extra milliseconds overhead.

So far, you had to make a hard decision: benefit from all Sqreen protections but potentially adding few extra ms on each request OR disable them.

Brace yourself: you can now get the best of both worlds! 🎉 Ruby version 1.14.0 and Node.js 1.24.0 both support this setting. PHP, Java, and Python are following!

Visit your Dashboard to define how many milliseconds Sqreen may consume and review what % of your traffic we can actively analyze.

Tailor Sqreen notifications to your needs

Our mission at Sqreen is to make security accessible and actionable. We don't want to become yet another source of spammy notifications which you'll get tired of.

Security being a complex topic, sometimes we need your help to tell us what's really relevant to you.

We're introducing the playbooks' severity to let you manage how you want to be alerted, depending on the criticality of the security events. You can then decide to be notified on trigger or once per day or per week.

All the predefined playbooks come with a default severity, which you can obviously customize.

Review how Sqreen should alert you depending on the severity by visiting your apps' settings.

Meet the new navigation!

Sqreen features have expanded a lot in the past months (security hub, security automation, etc.).

Our dashboard layout and navigation weren't helping to manage your apps' security in an easy and efficient way.

Enter the new navigation! We're already in love with it 😍 at Sqreen, especially the fresh look it gives to our Dashboard.

We hope you love it too! We're eager to hear your thoughts on it.

The Playbooks list just got better

We've just released a new iteration of the playbooks list, helping you see at a glance which playbooks are live in your app.

Also, meet the playbooks' catalog where we'll publish new ones every week. Organised around categories, you'll be able to add the most relevant playbooks to your app in one click.

We hope you love this new version.

Stay tuned as we'll keep iterating on this list in the coming days!

No published changelogs yet.

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