PHP agent gets out of beta! 🎉

Sqreen PHP agent just reached the 1.0.0 milestone! Protecting your PHP app is now just few commands away.

Extension changelog

  • Fix log file permissions
  • Better handling of network issues
  • Fix spurious error messages

Daemon changelog

  • Better handling of network issues

Please restart your applications once the update is done.

Thanks to all you for having supported us during the beta phase, helping us delivering the best Sqreen experience to PHP developers!

PHP extension v0.12.1 released (beta)

Minor release but fixing an issue when gracefully restarting a PHP application running with Apache. Also, merging all Sqreen PHP extension logs in a single log file.

The PHP agent is still in beta. We recommend you to run some tests before going live. Once updated, please restart your application.

NodeJS agent v1.10.2 released

Minor release fixing an issue when Sqreen is inserting header in HTTP request lifecycle.

PHP Daemon v0.9.2 released (beta)

Minor release improving the way Sqreen detects vulnerability discovery.

The PHP agent is still in beta. We recommend you to run some tests before going live. Once updated, please restart your application.

Python agent v1.5.3 released

Minor release improving overall agent performance and updating 3rd parties dependencies.

Ruby agent v1.8.2 released

Minor release improving performance in SQL injection and IP address on private networks detection.

PHP agent v0.9.1 daemon released

This release improves the resilience of the PHP agent daemon in case of troubles with the connection to Sqreen backend.

PHP agent v0.11 and daemon v0.9 (beta)

This version aims to improve both the performance and adding support for whitelist feature.

Agent changelog:

  • Global performance improvement
  • Send parsed parameters to the daemon
  • Performance improvement on PHP processes creation

Daemon changelog:

  • Support record of PHP traceback
  • Global performance improvement

Python agent 1.5.2 released

This minor release improves the overall stability and performances of the Python agent.


  • Bugfix: prevent a possible clash between vendored libraries and user-installed ones.
  • Improved CLI parsing.
  • Minor performance improvements.

NodeJS agent 1.10.0 and 1.10.1 released

Setup troubleshooting helper

To help you troubleshoot your setup, the agent will inform you that it hasn't been required first and list all the modules required before. Please note that NodeJS core modules are not detected thus won't be listed.

Other improvements

  • CRS patterns min_length control, improving the overall performances.
  • Requests are cleaned at response time (memory footprint improvement).
  • Reduce the usqge of setImmediates (memory footprint improvement).
  • Hook detection uses hasOwnProperty.

We highly recommend you to update the Sqreen modules in your application as soon as possible in order to benefit from the best level of protection.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Sqreen will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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