Protect your apps from attackers with Security Automation

In order to fully secure applications, you should harden your code against vulnerabilities and protect against attackers.

Since the beginning of Sqreen, we've been focusing on the first to provide you with an easy and simple to setup security solution. While this mission isn't completed at all, we thought it was time to focus on the second.

Using Security Automation, you can automate how your application behaves when malicious actors target your application.

Security Automation is available right now from your Dashboard 🎉!

You can also get started with our documentation to first learn more.

We're very excited to release this new Product and we hope you'll love it as much as we do.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

A new design for the Security Hub

A few weeks ago, we introduced Security Plugins. We've learned a lot thanks to your great feedback, and we're super excited to release a second iteration of the Hub.

The first version was very monitoring oriented which was making hard to review at a glance all the available plugins matching your apps' stacks.

This second iteration is meant to be your configuration center, like the App Protection dashboard was before we introduced the plugins. You can now review, configure and learn more about each plugin faster than before.

Visit your Security Hub now at

Customise your Security Plugins behavior

A month ago we introduced the Security Hub, a single place where you can see the various security plugins Sqreen is adding to your application to protect it from various vulnerabilities.

Today, we're very excited to release the ability for you to customise how security plugins should behave when attacks and vulnerabilities are detected.

To get started, just visit any of your enabled security plugins at and review the protection mode - should requests be blocked on attacks - and how we should notify you (Email, Slack, NewRelic Insights and Webhook).

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

It's a first step in enabling you to manage security your way with Sqreen, except more to come very soon!

Welcome to your Security Hub!

Meet Sqreen Security Plugins:get full visibility over Sqreen’s protections.

Security plugins consist of lightweight modules protecting critical parts of your application’s stack. Manage protections against SQL/NoSQL/Shell injections, XSS and brute force attacks.

Visit your Security Hub to review the plugins we've already enabled for your application and discover new ones.

Navigating in your Apps Pulses just got better

Pulses are a core feature of Sqreen. They provide with a smart layer of intelligence, filtering out the noise amongst the many attacks your application may experience.

While being under attack is never comfortable, it doesn't mean you should shift focus all the time. Pulses are here to help you focus on the most important events happening.

Visit your pulses now and enjoy the new design and experience, helping you finding the events you're looking for in minutes

We look forward to hear your feedback!

Meet App Monitoring

Security monitoring is a key yet time consuming activity. We designed this feature with actionability in mind so it doesn't become another cumbersome task.

Understand in seconds how much pressured your app is, review your most important Pulses and keep a close eye on your riskiest users to always be one step ahead of your app security. ​ Start monitoring your app security now:

We would love to hear your thoughts!

PHP agent gets out of beta! 🎉

Sqreen PHP agent just reached the 1.0.0 milestone! Protecting your PHP app is now just few commands away.

Extension changelog

  • Fix log file permissions
  • Better handling of network issues
  • Fix spurious error messages

Daemon changelog

  • Better handling of network issues

Please restart your applications once the update is done.

Thanks to all you for having supported us during the beta phase, helping us delivering the best Sqreen experience to PHP developers!

PHP extension v0.12.1 released (beta)

Minor release but fixing an issue when gracefully restarting a PHP application running with Apache. Also, merging all Sqreen PHP extension logs in a single log file.

The PHP agent is still in beta. We recommend you to run some tests before going live. Once updated, please restart your application.

NodeJS agent v1.10.2 released

Minor release fixing an issue when Sqreen is inserting header in HTTP request lifecycle.

PHP Daemon v0.9.2 released (beta)

Minor release improving the way Sqreen detects vulnerability discovery.

The PHP agent is still in beta. We recommend you to run some tests before going live. Once updated, please restart your application.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Sqreen will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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